17 March 2014

A new leaflet!

A new collaboration with an artist in order to do her logotype and an original editorial object.

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17 January 2014

Best wishes for 2014!

2 September 2013


The new season brochure is finished! You can see it here

22 January 2013

Happy new year!

21 September 2012

Season brochure Brassens-Jara

Our last publication!
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12 September 2012

Raphël Gabrion 2012

New book for the architect Raphaël Gabrion.
See pictures.

11 September 2012


Season brochure 2012-2013

A new publication!
See herehttp://www.atelier-beau-voir.fr/art...

5 July 2012

Mix(cité) exhibition

The exhibition "Mix(cité), villes en partage" is actually at the Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine until the 15th of July.
A great collaboration with the architects RAUM for the scenography.
We did the communication and signage.
A lot to see here and there.

6 June 2012

Ars Nova 2012-2013

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29 May 2012

Book portfolio

bouillaud & donnadieu

A new publication for the architects bouillaud & donnadieu.
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26 March 2012


Broadcast design the flemish channel for women
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20 June 2011

Ars Nova 2011-2012

Discover the new Ars Nova’s posters!
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27 January 2011

Happy new year!

30 September 2010

Les Mini-Métropolitaines

Creation of a graphic identity for a series of conferences organized by Paris Métropole.
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23 September 2010

Petit livre à offrir
à un(e) gourmand(e)

The last Petit livre à offrir is printed! yummy.

See the book

21 September 2010

Ars Nova

The website created for the instrumental Ars Nova Ensemble is online!

25 February 2010

Festival La voix dans tous ses éclats

New poster for a chorals festival.
In collaboration with 18brumaire

25 February 2010

NY’s souvenirs

A few american graphic things brought back from New York:
- the novel The yiddish policemen’s union
by M. Chabon with a gorgeous cover by Will Staehle
- the magazine Believer with a cover by Charles Buns
- a little bag from Strand a well-known bookstore,
with illustrations by Seth

18 January 2010

Happy new year 2010!

17 January 2010

Which Simone are-you?

16 January 2010

Raphaël Gabrion’s book

Publication of the works of the architect Raphaël Gabrion.
80 pages printed on three differents sizes, separating different types of information (text / visuals / technical texts)

see the book

25 December 2009


4 December 2009

The coffrets cultes arrived!

The coffrets cultes just arrived at the studio. Inside, cd and dvd and pictures with a special leaflet.

voir les coffrets